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New Testament Study Series
Colossians 2

Discussion Questions:

1. What feelings does the evangelist/missionary/pastor sometimes express concerning their work with and for people? Why?

2. What is Paul's desire for them? Why?

3. What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?

4. If all wisdom and knowledge is in Christ, what does Paul want us to avoid? (pithanologia)

5. What good things has Paul heard about the Colossians?

6. Verses 6 and 7 are a great purpose statement for the Christian, why?

7. Verse 8 is a great motto for all students and graduate students, why? What is wrong with man's philosophy?

8. Paul restates the point he made in chapter one in verse 9. What is that point?

9. In verses 10-11 Paul turns the argument against another heresy. What is it?

10. Verse 12 gives us the symbolism of baptism. Do you think the Colossians had it wrong?

11. What do you think the Greek word for "dead" is here in verse 13? What did we say was significant about that in our study of Ephesians?

12. How did the Colossians Christians become Christians? Who is the person acting in verses 13-15?

13. What does Paul tell us was the significance of the Old Testament? How has it been fulfilled?

14. There must have been people claiming to have seen visions of angels and therefore worshipped them. What does Paul say about such people?

15. As Christians, we have died to the world and its wisdom. What would Paul say about all those things Catholics are supposed to do?

16. Verse 23 is a good verse to share with anyone who is involved in some other religious system. Why?



These studies are part of Pastor Evan's series of discussion questions for each chapter of the New Testament.  If you would like more information, or to request a particular chapter, please feel free to E-Mail your request to Pastor Evan.