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All links now lead to the entire series in PDF format.

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"The Road of Hope"

Ruth 1-4

The Ruth series in  Adobe Acrobat PDF file that can be viewed on-line or downloaded for offline viewing. If you don't have the Acrobat reader, click here to download
"Hope Defeated or Hope Fulfilled"

Ruth 4

How will this cliffhanger story end? Will Naomi's hope be defeated or fulfilled. How has God been at work? WHere are you on the "Hope" scale?
"The Plan" 

Ruth 3

Hope has a purpose. What is it? Will God's plan work out? What is our part?
"What a Coincidence!" 

Ruth 2

Have you ever had a coincidental meeting? Guess again. Also, compare your response to grace with that of Ruth's. HOw are you like her or not like her?
"3 Women's Perspectives" 

Ruth 1

What does this beautiful little book tells us about God and His plan? What are the perspectives of the 3 female characters in chapter 1? Which one do you relate to?